The Believers

The Believers eponymous album, ‘The Believers’ was recorded between 1987 and 1990 in various London studios.

This release contains 24 track, 16 track, 8 track, 4 track, and live stereo recordings, all made using analogue – mostly Ampex – tape, and mastered onto DAT. Some of the live recordings have studio overdubs. The album has been re-compiled from ‘lost’ archives.

The album includes ‘Save the Planet’, the single, released on 7″ vinyl in June 1989, the proceeds of which were donated to Greenpeace and the Women’s Environmental Network.

Very little in the way of modern technology has been applied to ‘clean up’ recordings. Therefore, you will at times experience tape hiss, and audio distortion, caused by analogue processes. The tunes, however, still sound pretty good.

There exist several different versions of these songs, and no doubt, new mixes and arrangements hitherto unfound will be found and released.

IF YOU BUY THE ALBUM, alternative mixes and new versions will be free.

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released September 29, 2017

The Believers – original line-up:

Dean Whitbread (vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass, percussion)
Kevin Goldsborough (guitar, bass)
Richard Woods (guitar, vocals)
Hollie Gibson (keyboards)
Michèle Drees (drums)

Also featuring:

Tree Peacock (saxophone)
Peredur ap Gwynned (guitar)
Paul Cavaciuti (drums)
Ashley Slater (trombone)
John Ecott (trumpet)
Ray Swingler (saxophone)
Guy Sigsworth (keyboards)
Seal (vocals)
Dale Davis (bass)
Cathy Tozer (vocals)
Sophie Moore (vocals)
Hazel Noël (vocals)

Produced by Dean Whitbread, The Believers
Cover art photographs: Hugh Fulton, Richard Woods

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