Song Request

Song Request

Original melodies, lyrics, and music composition

As well as representing composers and writers, promoting them and getting their work used commercially,  we write songs on commission, to order. This useful skill comes from spending many productive years in the music industry, and covers many styles from retro rock ‘n’ roll to über-modern, industrial to country, dance to classical. We’ve worked with people from Norway to Australia, from Chile to Japan producing music and media for film, television, radio, advertising, art galleries, corporate events and festivals.

Send us your ‘brief’ for an original song. This will ensure the song sounds right for your purpose.

1. Describe the ‘feel’ of the song you would like us to write, using adjectives such as: uplifting, subtle, outrageous, bouncy, fun, sensual, moody, thoughtful, poetic, ballad, heartbreak, love, panic, calm… express your ideas as you wish.

2. Tell us where the song is intended to be heard – is it a theme tune, a soundtrack, an advertising jingle? Is it for daytime radio, a private party, an outdoor event?

3. What kind of lyrics do you want to hear? Is it about a person, or a place? Does it tell a story? Is is for a product or service? Do you already have words you want to be included? Let us know from the start.

4. Finally, what instrumentation do you hear? Bare minimum is solo voice, accompanied by piano or guitar –  but you might have a specific sound in mind, so tell us what you imagine. Do you need the song to be in a particular style or genre? Not sure? Check this list.

You describe it, we’ll write it.